smart nearshore services

We believe after a great experience, comes a strong and long-lasting relation !

(good is great, near is best and simple is smart)

We provide multi-service to foreign companies willing to nearshore or relocate to Portugal by walking the walk with our costumers with an easy to understand and contract one-stop-service.

(while you take care of your core business).



nearshore and softlanding services



We help our costumers build sucessfull nearshore projects in every step of their journey in Portugal. From day one when you just want to know better the region and ecossytem up to the grand oppening of the new offices, we're here to assist every step of the way.


Early days when you just want to understand better the region, talent ecosystem, costs and opportunities. I’ll introduce you to the city, people and all the motions and vibes you need to know, financial, HR, real estate and legal included.

Now you have the key to turn on and ignite your business, proving your math is right and you came to the best place to nearshore. Don’t forget to invite for the opening.

Everyday is a good day to grow. Grow your team, your office or your brand and reputation as an recruiter or disruptive company. I’ll be here to help.

Big moves up ahead. New office? 100 engineers, developers or scientists. Lets build your office to look & feel like you and create some buzz. Legislation, incentives and other legal stuff are important to anticipate. I’ll walk you though.


We're present in the north region of Portugal from our sites in Porto and Braga


Braga Office

R. Cimo de Vila, 61

Braga - Portugal

Phone:  +351 912559669

Porto Office
Moreira da Maia

Porto - Portugal

Phone: +351 912559669